Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Room 2 - The Class of Dancers

From time to time, Room 2 enjoys dancing on the odd occasion fitness is cancelled. A music video is chosen from 'Just Dance' and students follow the projected silhouette or image of the dancer(s).

Here's a short video of the talent:

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Halseywood 2018

As part of the Term 4 art program this year, Year 5 and 6 students worked hard on producing entertaining films with their peers. Below are all of Room 2's films. The final film is one which the Year 5 and 6 teachers produced together. Enjoy!!

The Cringy Kids

By Aadi, Joanna, Alina, Aryan

The Horrors of Fundraising

By Suyash, Aida, Sobia and Sahil

Ice cream Shop Madness

By Alisha, Ashraf, Prisha and Nikhil

The Gringotts Robbery

By Ben, Theo, Naomi, Rohan and Mischa

The Impossible Avocado Mission

By Chay, Jonathan, Tanishka, Rameen and Liam

Magic is Real

By Rachita, Gabrielle, Chris, Abel, Ayden and Sobia

And... Action!
By the teachers of Halseywood: Mr Tomokino, Mr McMahon, Miss Jiang, Miss Richardson, Miss Montgomery and Miss Mistry

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Book Character Day

The Book Character day was a very colourful and exciting event for all involved - it was great to see so many students and teachers dressed up as their favourite book characters!

Below is a short video which shows Room 2's costumes on the day:

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Inquiry - Compare and contrast map

Below is an example of a map which shows comparisons and contrasts between the North and South poles. Students in Room 2 completed this activity in pairs, during inquiry:

- by Rohan and Jonathan

Volcano writing

Over the last couple of weeks, Room 2 has been working on information reports about volcanoes. Here's a fantastic sample of work completed, which shows a couple of different sentence types:


WALT- write an effective introduction which hooks the reader

Have you been on a volcano? (simple)  Well, I haven’t. (simple) Did you know
that volcanoes are all over Auckland? There are about 53 volcanoes in total around
the city of Auckland; for example: Mt Roskill, Mt Eden and Rangitoto. (compound )
The highest volcano is about 4,164m tall and there are probably millions of volcanoes
that formed on earth  over the past 1,000,000 years.(compound) There are 15,000
volcanoes on land that are known as active volcanoes. (simple)

How volcanoes are formed

Firstly I am going to tell you how volcanoes are formed.(simple) Tectonic plates are
pushed together or pull apart which then can form a volcano (compound). When
tectonic plates are spread apart from each other, hot magma rises and fills the space
between (compound). Also volcanoes are formed when magma is pushed up from the
earth's upper mantle.(simple) The upper mantle creates pressure in the crust and 
this sometimes leaks out from the mantle and onto the surface.(compound) Many
times, magma comes out of the volcano and it will get bigger and bigger as a
Background information

Did you know that the word 'volcano' is from the island 'Vulcano' in Italy it was
named after the Roman god of fire, Vulcan. Romans believed that if Vulcan became
mad there would be a eruption so Romans always satisfied him so he won’t get mad
and hot lava will be shooting out.

Where volcanoes are found?

Did you know that the first volcano was found in  Somma Rim it happened 17,000
years ago? Also the Ring of Fire is home to 90% of the world's earthquakes and 75%
of the world's volcanoes. It contains 452 volcanoes from South America to
New Zealand. The Ring of Fire is the volcano chain surrounding Pacific ocean.

Types of volcanoes

My last point is all about different types of volcanoes. There are three stages of
volcanoes: active, dormant and extinct. An active volcano is a volcano that first
erupted 10,000 years ago and will erupt in the future. A dormant volcano did erupt
in the the past 10,000 years and it might erupt again. Lastly an extinct volcano, is
one which erupted in the past 10,000 years and it will not erupt again. Cinder cone
volcanoes are circular or oval and lava is blown into the air through a single vent. A
shield volcano is a volcano that is bowl shape in the middle. The lava is runny and it
travels long distances.

This report was all about volcanoes. I hope you enjoyed this report and I hope I
don’t end up in an active or a dormant volcano!


Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Diwali!

Last Wednesday was Diwali, which is the Hindu festival of lights. It symbolises the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance."
Many students dressed up in their cultural dress and added loads of colour to their classrooms.

Happy Diwali everyone!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Inquiry learning: The Earth's Systems

This term's inquiry topic is Earth Systems.

Below is a fantastic representation of learning we've covered about the earth's hydrosphere.

The learning intention for this lesson was:
WALT: Understand and describe the hydrosphere

By Jonathan and Aryan