Wednesday, April 18, 2018

ANZAC letters

At the end of last term, students of Room 21 wrote letters from the perspective of soldiers who fought in the war, to commemorate ANZAC Day.

Here are a few which demonstrate content relevant to WW1 - fantastic effort, guys!

W.A.L.T write content to the relevant to the task

ANZAC day letter

Dear Sobia,

The war is still going; it’s never ending. Its taking a lot of my power and energy and ity’s getting harder and harder to win day by day. The sky is covered with thick smoke and poisonous gases are a problem here.

Now  an infection is starting to spread around called trench foot. It happens when you wear tight shoes and don’t change your socks often. You're toes can start to turn black if you have this terrible illness I haven’t got it yet but I know that I soon will.

The food we get isn’t the best - sometimes we need to skip meals. We mostly get canned food and tacky biscuits which are hard enough to break your teeth. I think about hot meals and how much I crave delicious food.  

We live in places called trenches they are not comfy at all. Trenches are basically hole dug up and inside there are a lot of rocks and mud that is what we sleep on. At night it gets really hard to sleep maybe it is because it is not comfortable or maybe it is because of all the thick smoke and long gunshot noises.

There is a place called no mans land this is where we fight with our enemy it is safer to stay in our trenches but we need to go out and fight. No man’s land isn’t very safe to be. Lots of people have died there.

The war is going to end very soon by the looks of it. I will be back as soon as possible I’m really looking forward to see you again it has been almost 4 years since I’ve seen you. I’m really frightened and nervous but I am determined to see you again. Lots of people are counting on us.

I miss you so much

From Rachita

Written by Rachita Boggaram

My Dearest Family,

Day 68

The war has almost finished, The sound of gunshots and bombs exploding has deafened my ears, and I haven't had a solid meal for weeks. Two soldiers died today: one was shot on no man's land and the other knew he wasn’t going to make it so he tragically committed suicide. The sky is filled with matt black smoke as bombs are launched back and forth for hours on end. It's getting colder by the day, I think I might be coming down with frostbite. The dirt in the trenches is now starting to turn into mud which seems to devour your legs up to your knees in the next minute.

Day 73

There are seven of their men left and seventeen of ours we are going to charge at them tonight. Insects are biting me like mad and I have turned into what feels like skin and bones. and the nits feel like they’re digging a hole to enter my brain, and my body is constantly in a daze I think I might be coming down with trench foot as the grimy, gruesome mud is now just above our knees. We lost 5 soldiers since we last spoke. All five tried to charge the enemy but were blown up doing it.

Day 75

The enemy retreated today; we have won the war but I have just seen my foot - it's starting to go purple I have definitely got trench foot! I might not make it; hope to see you guys in the near future.

Day 77

I have been checked by several doctors and have had lots of medicine. I have been given the all clear. Can't wait to see everyone. Please have a nice big, hot dinner with all the family waiting for me when I get back.

Can't wait to see everyone,

Love Liam  

Written BY Liam Ng Shiu

Dearest family,

The war continues to grasp innocent lives firmly in its hand and tests my bravery and courage.  Living in the damp and uncomfortable trench is torturous and frightening because every second I think that I’m not going to make it.  The living conditions are no different and have left me fatigued and starving due to the inconsistent meals. The meals mainly consist of: dry biscuits, cold canned food and we sometimes  have a small quantity of warm coffee. We have been attacked...

We lost more troops but we held them off...for now.  The days go by and I grow more tired and hungry. An infection is starting to corrupt my right foot and has slowly darkened into a blackish colour.  I hope that the loyalty and service to this great country will greatly influence the future of NZ and its inhabitants. Thinking of you makes me more pessimistic because the me not making it will break your heart.  I don’t have time to write more. Sleeping is futile and we have to rest on solid rock. Rain continues to disturb rocks therefore collapsing rocks are a problem; another disadvantage to the rain is the mud. The mud keeps sliding into the trench.  Our feet get damp and tacky each day we walk through the escalating mud. I know the terrors this could bring to my foot corruption. We need to go to battle.

I was shot.  I was in no man’s land when it happened.  I was suddenly shot in the stomach by a sneaky sniper.  Falling down, I quickly picked up my gun in agony and shot blindlessly in the general direction of the sniper.  I can remember people picking me up and putting me in a stretcher then all went black. I recovered from the bullet shots but i’m still in the medical station.  I’m sorry I worried you. the bleeding has stopped but they say I should stay until the war stops to be fully recovered. Soldiers are flowing in like a tsunami.  I can see millions of people come in every minute i’m in here. I see the struggle that the nurses have in their hands and wish that a war never started. I will come home when the war is finally done - family.  I’ve been resting a substantial amount but I hypothesise the war has ended. I will be coming back in one more week. I love you and hope to see you soon in the near future!

Your loving son,

Written by Rohan Kumar

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