Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Movie Reviews

Last week, Room 21 students worked on movie reviews. They chose their favourite movie and wrote a review on it - here's a sample of some of the incredible effort which went into their reviews: read and enjoy!


Have you seen the amazing movie Cinderella? Well that is the best movie ever it is all about heroism and fantasy. There is a little girl who is treated as a servant; after some time she finds a prince at the ceremony and she becomes pleasant again. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next as this heartbroken girl faces so many incidents because of her abhorrent stepmother. I think Cinderella is a must see!
Written by Aida Barekati

Movie Review - Descendants

In 2015, the Disney Channel released the movie Descendants with your childhood favourite tales but with a twist; this musical fantasy, spectates around the fairytale characters from movies like “ Sleeping Beauty” and “Snow White” but have had kids. This movie is a drama filled adventure with lots of surprises. All the villains, evil sidekicks and other nasty people  live on an island called “The Isle of the Lost” where they are trapped by a magical barrier. The good people/heros live in a traditional castle called “Auradon” where they made it a high school called “Auradon Prep.” The dazzling cast of the film are “Dove Cameron” who stars as the daughter of Maleficent, “Sophina Carson” plays daughter of the Evil Queen, “Cameron Boyce” as son of Cruella De Vil and Booboo Stewart as the son of Jafar. Also the actor Kristin Chenoweth, ( Maleficent); who plays in tons of your favourite movies and TV shows.

Written by Alina Murumkar

Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok is a Fantasy/Science fiction film and also a hilarious movie; it’s filled with drama, action and entertainment! 93% of people liked this movie. It has been made by Marvel Studios: this is a must see.

In Thor Ragnarok, his step sister is evil and he has to try and stop her being the evil queen of Asgard.  Hulk and Thor need to save all people from his evil sister, but the evil sister (Hera) is more powerful than hulk, Loki and Thor together! Find out the rest of the details when you watch Thor Ragnarok for yourself.

Written by Nikhil Prasad

Movie review: Infinity War

Infinity War is an action packed film, which has been made by Marvel Studios. The movie is filled with drama; it is a must see and it will leave you on the edge of your seat!

In the movie, Thanos has to get all six of the stones: the time stone, soul stone, space stone, reality stone, power stone and mind stone; if he gets them, half of the universe will die. This is where the avengers and guardians of the galaxy come in...

Written by Sahil Vagh


  1. Well done, Room 21 - great movie reviews. Well done for making recommendations. Could you also comment on things such as costumes, settings and performances?

  2. Well done,Room 21 you wrote great movie reviews. I liked how you used a great deal of vocabulary. Next time you could also explain why you liked the movie, and name some of the actors that played the main roles.

  3. Great job Room 2! I like the way you described and used good vocab for the reviews but next time give information on the characters and the cast

  4. I like the way you tried to describe the setting and cast of the movies but next time try to explain a little bit more about the storyline and characters.